Saturday, October 2, 2010


It feels so good to have my space all to myself.  No more roomies!  Just me and Punch, living the dream.

Now all we need is for a certain boyfriend to find a Lima job and head down here!

Moving is one of my least favorite activities, and it comes with a long list of chores!  Vacuuming, wiping everything down, scrubbing name it!

God thing I have my new friend, Roomba, to help me with the vacuuming and sweeping.  He picks up buttons and dog fur in addition to the usual dirt and dust.  He also seamlessly transitions from the carpet to the linoleum.  Yay!  Welcome to my house, Roomba!

Punch was a little wary of our new amigo, but we'll just all have to learn to live in peace!

1 comment:

  1. Give Punch time to get use to the robot. Roomba and my cats now happily co-exist. But they still run around the room chasing it as it works.