Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WLIO on Facebook

Just wanted to give a promo that the WLIO WOHL Weather Team now has it's own fan page on facebook.  Check it out to see what Kyle, darren and I are up to on a daily basis!

WLIO Facebook Page

Damn Water Taxi.

Well whether you believe me or not, I was quite the photog for the first few days in Cabo.  Unfortunately the fruits of my labor have been ruined in a horrendous event of me falling in the water while exiting a water taxi.  Ugh!  We were returning from a great trip over to lovers beach at the very tip of the Baja Penninsula and the object of the game is to jump out of the boat as the waves are retreating so there is sand and not water below you.  Well, my timing was sub-par and I ended up straight in the ocean on my ass.  For a few seconds I tried to save my camera, but it came down to a coice of risking getting swallowed out to sea or using my camera hand to help myself up.  Tough one, but i chose to save myself... :)  I did catch my flip flop before it floated out success.

Upon my return to the states I put the camera and SD card in rice to dry out, but it seems to be ruined in full...  Needless to say, I have no pictures.  Hopefully, I'll soon start to see other people's that I can take advantage of.  When I do, I'll post some here.  Otherwise the memories will just have to live in my brain!!  Again...UGH!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cabo Here I Come!

Even though it's unpaid vacation for this new WLIO employee...I am so excited to travel to Cabo tomorrow morning!  My fam and I are going there for my sister's destination wedding.  We'll stay at the Riu Palace, see the pics below, and I plan on plenty of pool time with a coconut cocktail in my hand.

I get off work tonight at midnight, then its home to finish packing and a two huor drive to Columbus, OH airport for a 7:50am flight to Cabo through Pheonix.  I dont know when exactly I'll find a couple hours to doze off, but I'm pretty sure it involves a bench inside CMH.

With some 80 degree days here in Lima already this April, I've already gotten some sun tanning time in for a base layer, but I am looking to come back even more bronzed...a personal goal of sorts.  I'll try to find some time to blog, but no promises!  I'll be busy scuba diving and zip lining I think...Miss you all already!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Trouble With Puppies.

I don't know if it's the sudden change of living with each other, or just a personality conflict, but Whitney's (roomie and fellow WLIO employee) and my dogs have had four fights since moving in together about a month ago.  Other than these few breif but nasty encounters, they love each other!  Last night was the worst ever.  They were playing with a stick and then it turned into a not so nice bite session. 

Both Whit and I have never known our pups to act like this before...what is it?  When Ceaser, The Dog Whisperer, is on the solutions always seem so simple.  And it's usually the fault of the owners.  What can we do better?  We eliminated raw hides a couple weeks ago, and now all toys and sticks have been taken away.  We're thinking of calling in an animal behaviorist to help us out.

Has anyone else ever had this problem?  If it doesnt get any better, we'll have to think about living separately.  That's a last resort because both financially and socially, we love living together!

Silly puppies.  Right now they are kissing each other...I dont get it!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What is a CSA?

Until tonight, reading my April 2010 edition of Bon Appetit magazine, I had no idea what a CSA is.  Turns out, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  What is that?  A subscription to a CSA in your area will get you a basket full of local, (and most likely organic) fruits, vegetables, soap, eggs, pickles, poultry, beef, pork, maple syrup, etc. each week for a dmoderate price.  The selection you get depends on the season and the farm. 

When I went to after reading the one paragraph article on page 32 I didn't expect to find any of these trendy farmers in my small town corner of Ohio.  Suprisingly, I was wrong!  There are a few in my neck of the woods and they look absolutely fabulous!  I've emailed one called Ber-Gust Farms in Waynesfield, OH and cannot wait to hear back from her.

I must admit, I have both a personal and professional interest in Ber-Gust Farms for a couple reasons.  Personally, I think a CSA membership might be right for me!  I love trying new foods and eating fresh.  This is a great way to branch out and perhaps be delivered some ingredients you didn't know existed or have been too scared to purchase.  This particular CSA is $25/week for a full basket and $15 for a half basket.  Since a full is meant for a family of four, I would have to go with the half for sure.  I wouldn't want any of the fresh ingredients to go to waste...although I would like to try my hand at canning this season.  (That's another entry I think!)

Professionally, I am putting together a May Sweeps piece on organic gardening and this is something that I think I can feature that many people wouldn't have heard about before...I might actually pass on some useful knowledge on the nightly news cast.  Ha!  Also, Laura's garden might need some tips and tricks from a real organic gardner.  I'm just an ametuer, I think I might need some help!

Did I stumble upon a hidden gem or did everyone else know about this?  You can find a CSA in your area by visiting

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Spare Time.

Well working evening hours definitely poses some challenges for me. One is that after I get home between 10:30pm and Midnight, I'm not tired enough to go to bed right away. So I've devised a little plan to take up some of those late night hours...

...I'm going to watch all of the Academy Award Best Pciture Winners! I printed off the list and subscribed to Netflix. I dont think I can handle watching them in order so i will jsut dabble around the last 82 years.

Some that I am most excited about? Gone With the Wind, Rebecca, An American In Paris, Shakespeare in Love and Slumdog Millionaire. Some of them, mainly the recent ones, I've already seen, so I have a head start on my check list.

Also on the list are all the other nominees that didn't win. So next time I have no idea what to rent, I have a great suggestion bank at my fingertips!

What is your favorite Oscar Winner?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Laura's Garden.

A very exciting Day for me...

As a feature throughout the growing season (mainly for slow news days) I'll be starting and keeping a plot in the community gardens. So far I think I'll be for sure growing Zinnias and Nasturtiums because I have some extra sprouts already started for my home pots.

Nasturtiums are edible and I love adding them to fresh summer salads for a pop of color. I also want to get a couple cherry tomato plants because I absolutely love to eat them picked right off the plant all summer long.

Any ideas for what else I should grow in my garden? Herbs? Flowers? Veggies?

I don't know how big the plot is yet, but my plan is to pack it full and hopefully keep up on the weeds!

My Frist Celeb Interveiw.

Hi all,

So I was very excited when I got to work yesterday for two reasons. One, I found out I wa getting my second shot for a live story on air. Second, that live piece would eb an interview with the frist woman of color to go to space, Dr. Mae Jemison. A celeb right? For sure!

She has a million degrees in everything from Afro-American Studies to Chemical Engineering, so I was a bit intimidated to say the least! But she was very nice and spoke on a level anyone could understand, which was a welcome surprise.

She was in Lima to speak at a Community Enrichment Dinner and talked about the need for everyone to be encouraged to use their creativity to pursue science literacy. That we need to use and develop all the talent we have in order to continue moving forward as a society. Pretty interesting woman, an honor to meet and interview.