Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We'll miss you, Tyger.

So Erik Tyger and clan have moved...sad.  Out newsroom relied on his grammar skills hardcore.  :)  We will surely miss him but wish him the best of luck teaching future journalists how to write! 

Erik, be sure to keep in touch.  Things change fast at WLIO.

Here's a few pictures of his last day, a testament to the sense of humor.  Thanks for the smiles and laughs.  the full white suit, gotta love it.


  1. LB: I was actually thinking about you Tuesday when I was surrounded by all these grad students who have absolutely no sense of humor. These women really take themselves so seriously. Friggin' lighten up. Wish they were more fun like you.


    1. Hey Tyger...I don't know you, but if you still check this page: that suit, my friend, is CLASS! Hope life teaching in SD is treating you well(you deserve it for that suit alone!).