Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sister and I randomly picked up a puzzle to tackle on a trip to the dollar store the other day.  I forgot how much I like to do puzzles!  We thought this "Mother Russia" beauty would be a bit of a challenge and it was!  the 350 pieces took us about 2-3 hours spanned over two sessions.  Loved it.  And at the bargain price of a dollar, I can go back and get another to try on my own!

A new cookbook that the BF gave me for my bday..."Gourmet Game Night" should help make the festivities if anyone happens to join me.  It had great recipes for groups of all sizes from 2 people to a roomfull!  Number on on the to-do list...rasperry cream cheese puffs!  Thanks, Bryan!

I've actually seen this ice cream cone building in Red Square, Moscow, Russia.  That advantage must be why I put more pieces together than Jenna did...!

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