Saturday, August 7, 2010

New New New.

At a small market TV station, I am learning the faces change fast, while other changes take some time.  Whitney Scott and Erik Tyger are no longer employed at the station.  Whitney, who is also my roomie, remember, is still in Lima, but looking to possibly get out of the TV biz, or find another station.  She is moving on! 

Erik has left to pursue a career in teaching journalism.  He's going back to school at the University of South Dakota, closer to his wife's family.  Everyone will miss him and his abilities quite a bit.  He's the guy that corrected all our horrible grammar and spelling...good luck, Erik!

In their place, Jessie Irby and Stewart have started.

Adaptations that take a bit longer to implement at WLIO...a brand new website.  And it's not just a change of name.  A web team consisting of people from every department have been building the website from scratch...I'm one of those people.  Andy Young and I are the main newsroom website contributors.  We're responsible for not only building the site, but making sure everyone else knows how to post their stories, and maintaining the look of it.  It's a big job.  There was a lot of overtime and lessons over the past few days in order to wear this new hat, but I like it!

I'm getting addicted to the designing and creating aspect of it all.  I always was one who got a high off "learning"...this is a challenge I am very excited about...can't wait to show you the launched product, hopefully by the end of August! 

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  1. Elle Bee. Happy Almost Bday! Your roommate quite? I wanna hear the story! Love you!