Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good Eats.

So it's a bit of a weekly tradition that Csaba Sukosd, weekend sports anchor, and I hit the town to try some new restaurants.  We're both self-described foodies and are seriously missing our hometown favs that we left whe we came to Lima.

We have a running list of places to try...tonight it was Lonbardo's Cafe on Main St, downtown Lima.  And the verdict?  Fabulous.  We both opted fo rthe all-day breakfast.  Me with a bacon and egg sandwich and Csaba with a veggie omlette.  Both recommended.

Next on the list is Daryl & Daryl's Pizza & Wings on Harding Highway for some chicken.  Also in the discussion is Casa Lu Al on North West Street and Vivace Cafe on the Town Square.

Any other suggestions, Limalanders?

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