Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday fun.

Yay, another year older!  This year was a little different with the birthday situation because I didn't have my core friends and family to celebrate with.  My sis, Jenna, came to visit which was great.  She hadn't seen the Bean Town yet! 

What did we do?  Boring stuff just because it was great to spend time together.  We went shopping in Dayton, out for sushi in Findlay (spider rolls are always so good, but too big!), and then to Pappy's in Lima for a few too many drinks with my new crew of friends.  Another birthday in the books. 

Random insert...while we were in Findlay for sushi there was a severe thunderstorm so Jenna snapped a great picture on her iPhone and emailed to Darren at for him to use on the air.  He did!  That was a nice little random perk added to Jenna's Lima trip.  :)

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