Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Spare Time.

Well working evening hours definitely poses some challenges for me. One is that after I get home between 10:30pm and Midnight, I'm not tired enough to go to bed right away. So I've devised a little plan to take up some of those late night hours...

...I'm going to watch all of the Academy Award Best Pciture Winners! I printed off the list and subscribed to Netflix. I dont think I can handle watching them in order so i will jsut dabble around the last 82 years.

Some that I am most excited about? Gone With the Wind, Rebecca, An American In Paris, Shakespeare in Love and Slumdog Millionaire. Some of them, mainly the recent ones, I've already seen, so I have a head start on my check list.

Also on the list are all the other nominees that didn't win. So next time I have no idea what to rent, I have a great suggestion bank at my fingertips!

What is your favorite Oscar Winner?

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