Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cabo Here I Come!

Even though it's unpaid vacation for this new WLIO employee...I am so excited to travel to Cabo tomorrow morning!  My fam and I are going there for my sister's destination wedding.  We'll stay at the Riu Palace, see the pics below, and I plan on plenty of pool time with a coconut cocktail in my hand.

I get off work tonight at midnight, then its home to finish packing and a two huor drive to Columbus, OH airport for a 7:50am flight to Cabo through Pheonix.  I dont know when exactly I'll find a couple hours to doze off, but I'm pretty sure it involves a bench inside CMH.

With some 80 degree days here in Lima already this April, I've already gotten some sun tanning time in for a base layer, but I am looking to come back even more bronzed...a personal goal of sorts.  I'll try to find some time to blog, but no promises!  I'll be busy scuba diving and zip lining I think...Miss you all already!

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  1. Have fun!! I wish I could be going back to that resort in Cabo!!!