Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Damn Water Taxi.

Well whether you believe me or not, I was quite the photog for the first few days in Cabo.  Unfortunately the fruits of my labor have been ruined in a horrendous event of me falling in the water while exiting a water taxi.  Ugh!  We were returning from a great trip over to lovers beach at the very tip of the Baja Penninsula and the object of the game is to jump out of the boat as the waves are retreating so there is sand and not water below you.  Well, my timing was sub-par and I ended up straight in the ocean on my ass.  For a few seconds I tried to save my camera, but it came down to a coice of risking getting swallowed out to sea or using my camera hand to help myself up.  Tough one, but i chose to save myself... :)  I did catch my flip flop before it floated out success.

Upon my return to the states I put the camera and SD card in rice to dry out, but it seems to be ruined in full...  Needless to say, I have no pictures.  Hopefully, I'll soon start to see other people's that I can take advantage of.  When I do, I'll post some here.  Otherwise the memories will just have to live in my brain!!  Again...UGH!

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