Friday, April 2, 2010

Laura's Garden.

A very exciting Day for me...

As a feature throughout the growing season (mainly for slow news days) I'll be starting and keeping a plot in the community gardens. So far I think I'll be for sure growing Zinnias and Nasturtiums because I have some extra sprouts already started for my home pots.

Nasturtiums are edible and I love adding them to fresh summer salads for a pop of color. I also want to get a couple cherry tomato plants because I absolutely love to eat them picked right off the plant all summer long.

Any ideas for what else I should grow in my garden? Herbs? Flowers? Veggies?

I don't know how big the plot is yet, but my plan is to pack it full and hopefully keep up on the weeds!


  1. You must grow a variety of herbs for sure! Also; If you can find "sungold" cherry tomatos they are absolutely fabulous - sweet like candy to pop right in your mouth off the vine. We discovered these delightful little guys at the Mpls. farmers market last summer. Good luck!

  2. I just bought 3 packets of Zinnia seeds to plant for the first time this year at the boyfriend's house. I bought them thinking of you because I remember your house always had them in that flower garden alongside the driveway slab. They got really tall and colorful and we would sometimes give them beer because it's good for them, right?