Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Teacher for a Day.

I remember when Dave Dahl came to Hanover Elementary and talked to us about weather.  Tuesday, I was that visitning meteorologist...funny.  I went to Lima North Middle School to talk to three seventh grade science classes about forecasting and extreme weather and being a meteorologist. 

We lucke dout and it was raining when I was there so we talked a lot about the radar and such.  But I have to say...13 years olds are a tough crowd.  They could care less at 9 in the morning who is talking to them, they are bored!  They did a good job at asking questions for the most part. 

How much money do you make?
Are you ever wrong?
How do you know how to forecast?
What's the biggest thing a tornado can pick up?
How do they name hurricanes?

Nice.  Here's some pics of Laura, the teacher...!

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