Friday, May 7, 2010

Severe Weather.

Yikes!  Lima is smack dab in the middle of a possible severe outbreak this afternoon...Anything is possible tonight, even tornadoes.  To be honest, severe weather really scares me...that's why I like to know all I can about it.  Knowing what's going on beats just relying on city sirens. 

I'm really excited for work today.  even though I'm a reporter today, perhaps if there is major severe i will just be able to assist Darren Maier (Cheif Meteorologist) with weather stuff.  The idea is that he would be on camera and I would be running all the graphics systems for him, swithcing it up as necessary between radar, storm reports, and warning graphics.

Here's a look at where the Storm Prediction Center is forecasting the worst of it...Lima, right in the middle of that moderate circle.  Moderate today means a 5% chance of tornadoes, 30% chance of 1" hail or larger and 45% chance of damaging winds.  This is an exciting day in the WLIO forecast center.

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