Sunday, May 2, 2010

Midnight Cravings.

I am loving my weather girl alarms to wake up to!  I get to basically sleep in every morning since i don't start until 2pm on weekdays and 3:30pm on the weekends.  I've always been a late to bed, late to rise kinda girl, so that works out for me perfect!  There's just one problem with this schedule...when i get home from work late at night I'm starving!!  I hate eating everynight at 11 or midnight, but I can't help it.  I can't go to bed with a rumbly tummy! 

Last night I dabbled in princess Spaghetti O's.  It took me nearly the enitre bowl to figure out what the shapres were...  I came up wtih Cinderella's head, a glass slipper, a crown, a castle and some that I had no idea what they were...  I turned it every which way and couldn't decipher it.  According to this picture, I missed wuite a few...  I never would have guessed the Belle one!

I am going to have to think up a good late night snack that doesn't make me feel guilty!

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