Monday, March 24, 2014

Photo Shoot Day.

Today's photo shoot was several hours of prep, and about 5 minutes actually getting our photo taken.

First off, there was a couple hours of figuring out what to wear. It can't be seasonal, and it really can't be a print. It has to be formal, rather than casual. My choice: Classic black.

Next, 30 minutes of hair and makeup with the ah-mazing Bonnie.fake eyelashes, lipstick, eye liner... the whole gamut.

And then to the studio for the actual photo-taking. A couple rounds of serious face. (Which I have yet to master.)

And then some smiley takes. For me it was one round with the 11am team and another with the weather crew.

And speaking of the weather crew... In case you didn't notice, we have a bit of a height difference in the group.  Jerrid is 6'5" or something like that.  And Sven and I are significantly less than that, to say the least.

The remedy is to have Sven and I stand on a crate to even out the difference. (This happens during news casts too.)

Hope you enjoy the behind the scenes looks! Let me know what else you're interested in seeing and I'll try to hook it up...

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