Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunday Dinner, Pasta with a Side of Pasta.

We were on carb overload after this Sunday dinner.  Pasta, paired with another pasta, plus toasted bread and some cupcakes ended up delicious, but heavy on the carbohydrates.

While my sister took on the pastas, my mother and I attempted to make a homemade frosting that involves a candy thermometer and was featured on KARE11 a month or two ago when I filled in for Belinda on a Saturday morning.  The frosting was made by Sweets Bakeshop and is to die for.  To my surprise, it wasn't too difficult to make, especially when you factor in our boxed cupcake mix.

I followed the recipe online for Italian Meringue Buttercream exactly, with one exception.  I omitted the vanilla in favor of some lavender.  Yum!  After topping the cupcakes, I did eat some leftover frosting by itself... it is that good.

On to the main dishes... these two pastas, were both fab.  Although the boys of the group did enjoy the spicy chicken dish a bit more than the light basil and lemon one.  If you ask me, they were both good, both for different reasons.

The lemon basil one was nice and light.  Pine nuts added a great bit of texture.  Plus, you could easily add chicken or another protein if you wish.  Here's the recipe from I Nom Things.
The spicy chicken pasta dish was a great one pot wonder, and using canned sauces are a great time saver.  Next time, I would add even more sauce since the pasta soaked it up quite a bit and didn't leave quite enough on the plate to justify eating a slice of bread alongside it.  :)  Here's the recipe from Tastebook.  We accidentally forgot our frozen peas...

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  1. Hey Laura...you've missed a couple Sunday dinners...what's going on?