Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sunday Dinner, Mother's Day Brunch.

For Mother's Day my mom requested we go to church to see her play in the bell choir, and that we all have brunch.  Easy enough.

Brunch for us consisted of only two dishes, but we were so full that making any more food would have just been a waste.  We made Corned Beef and Gruyere Casserole, as featured by Michael Symon on The Chew and bacon pancakes!

The casserole is so freaking good.  Add Gruyere and some fresh herbs to anything and I bet it would taste good!  Here's the recipe: Michael Symon's Corned Beef Hash Casserole

The bacon pancakes are easy and delicious, and can be made one of two ways.  After mixing pancake batter using your favorite box or homemade mix you can either crumble in some cooked bacon or, lay the bacon slices on a griddle and pour a scoop of batter over each one.  Cook and flip as usual and voila!  I tried the second method and it worked great.  I recommend real maple syrup on the side too!

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