Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Woop Woop!

Check out this TIME article naming the University of Wisconsin teh coolest school in America...

Proud to be a Badger!

The Most Buzzed About University? Wisconsin

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  1. What's "cool" about WI colleges? Cops that ticket you for driving 3mph over the speed limit because they have nothing else to do? House parties with 90-degree Old Mil. kegs that, after 2 cups, make you barf up the lousy, contaminated cafeteria slop you ate the prior evening? Inbred meth head roommates named "Chip" or "Rob" who love backwards ball caps & who start shit with you & make you the dorm pariah just for being from Minnesota? Having to drop out due to having undiagnosed PDD-NOS & the stupid "advisors" lifting not finger 1 to recognize that & maybe, I don't know, guide you towards a career path that might be beneficial to you in the long run?

    -source: time wasted at 2 western WI universities