Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jessica Dill and Me.

Because Darren has been on vacay to Florida for thsi week, I have been filling in for him each night for the weather.  I got this message on my facebook page from Jessica Dill the other day...she anchors the morning show and does some reporting during the later morning hours.  Here's what she wrote me:

"Ok so not once, but twice today... People came up to me and said "you're doing a great job filling in for Darren for weather, welcome to Lima!" ....

So I guess I look like you! I'll take it as a compliment :)"
Haha, they can't tell us apart!  We'll see what happens when I put some guest appearances in for the morning show when Kyle gets married this summer.  Maybe then people will understand we are two different girls!  Here's her pic...think we look alike?  I can see it i guess...I'm def taking it as a compliment too, Jess!

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  1. The thing is, your pic(on the right) doesn't really look like you(maybe it did more back in 2010, but the pic's pretty airbrushed).