Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finally a Garden Plot.

So I have been waiting since MARCH to get my community garden plot.  I finally found out which one is mine so I rushed out today to buy the plants that I didn't start on my own, and will be off to my planting tomorrow afternoon.  It's a 10'x23' plot at a Northpark Church not far from my house.  I'm hoping to get some segments about organic gardening on the news for slow days and weekends and such so I'm super excited!  I have it all planned out in 6 sections, two large ones and 4 small ones.  I'm using companion planting to cut down on the need for herbicides and pesticides.  here's the site i used to find the best possible combo of plants:

My sections are:
1-beans, cucumbers, radish, spinach
2-tomatoes, peppers, herbs, petunias
3-watermelon, zucchini
4-peas, potatoes, marigolds
5-onions, lettuce, carrots
6-cabbage, dill, petunias

Here's a pic of what I all have to plant tomorrow...busy afternoon!

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