Thursday, June 10, 2010


Thanks so much to Kristi for helping me get my garden all planted.  Yay!  Start to finish, about three hours and some good quality tanning time.  Love it.  The diagram I pre-planned proved very useful and the garden is full to the brim.  I might have to do some thinning but we'll see.  Hope everything makes it...I'm praying for some quality rain that's forecasted for the next couple days.  Either that or Janet Evanovich and I are going to buy a sprinkler and spend some more sunshine hours by the garden. 

There are 4 plots total in this community garden.  The leader, Cassie, is pretty serious with those raised beds...maybe next year...

Here's some pics... 

PS, the planting was followed by a SERIOUS marathon of Weeds, Season 3.  Love that show.

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