Friday, May 13, 2016

Kare salad club: Sweet and savory

I LOVE my salad club more than almost anything else in my work day. Here's how it works:

There are six members of salad club. We each have a day assigned to us. My day is Thursday. Every Thursday I being six mason jar salads, one for each member. Every other weekday I don't have to bring anything but there's a salad waiting for me in the fridge! So I get lunch everyday but I only have to think about it once a week. Genius!

And because there are six members and only five weekdays we rotate a bye week. Another genius move.

We've been a club for several months now and I have yet to eat a salad I didn't like. And we've yet to have any problems with logistics.

I seriously encourage you to start up a salad club at your work!

My tactic for deciding what to make is jaunt to stroll grouch the market and see what looks good. This is what caught my eye this week:

Sweet and savory salad:
Poppyseed dressing
Fresh sweet corn, cut from the cob but left raw
Cantaloupe, cut into bite sized pieces
Goji berries
Garlic and herb goat cheese
Mixed greens
Pea shoots (that I grew myself! 👏🏻)


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