Friday, April 6, 2012

Planning the Garden.

The garden has been tilled (thanks to Bryan) and I can't wait to start planting in it.  Now that we've moved into April ,some early cool season crops are ready.  For example, it won't be long before I plant some kohlrabi, cabbage and onions.

I always like to plan my garden to take in account companion planting and space before putting anything in the ground.  Golden Harvest Organics puts out a great website on companion planting with an itemized list plant by plant. 

This year, I'm using a website tool that is new to me, which helps gardeners plan their gardens right from the start!  It's from Smart Gardener, Inc. and even has a calendar feature that keeps you on track with planting and upkeep schedules throughout the season.  You enter your zip code and it can tell you which plants will work best in your area.  It does take a few minutes to get started, but I think it will come in handy especially early in the season. 

I moved things around just a bit for even spacing, but here's what my virtual garden turned out looking like:
I'm so excited to get started I can hardly wait!

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