Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vintage Shopping.

Thrift stores in and around Lima tend to have some great vintage items.  Sometimes in bigger cities the thrift stores are either picked over, filled with junk or over-priced.  In a smaller cities, people hold on to things longer and therefore there's sometimes a larger selection of great vintage items priced very low at the regular thrift shops!

Today, while perusing some of my favorite online shopping sites I came across a vintage item that I bought for $0.05... 5 cents!  It sold on this site for $12.99 plus shipping.  I have this little guy sitting on my dresser keeping an eye on my jewelry while I'm away.  It's actuall an Avon perfume pot.  There's still some solid scent left in mine... but it really doesn't smell very good.  :)

Check it out here...

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