Saturday, July 24, 2010


Every morning holds the same routine for me.  I don't use an alarm clock, but usually wake up in the realm of 10am to noon.  (One of the perks of an evening shift.)  Then I let the pup out, feed and water her and hit the laptop.  There used to be a cup of coffee involved here but I try not to get too addicted to caffeine so I am on a break, summer feels like a good time for's hot!

I visit the same set of websites every morning...pretty much the same order too...  It's kind of my way of waking up and getting back into the real world.  It involves chatting, weather, shopping, email and blogs.  The shopping ones are my favorite, even though I rarely make purchases.  Today I couldn't resist though with a huge sale at Ideeli

See what I mean at

Another fun one that always offers some surprises is Woot!

And I just learned of this one from Sam, a videographer/reporter at WLIO: Software Giveaway of the Day

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