Monday, January 16, 2012

Ohio, Check!

Living in Lima certainly has the perk of proximity to several big and exciting cities.  Bryan and I made it a priority during our time here to visit each city in the region at least once.

With a trip to Cincinnati this weekend, the task was complete!  On our way down, we were talking about which one we had enjoyed the most and which one we could see ourselves living in long term.  To that question, I replied Columbus and he chose Indianapolis.  As a vacay destination, we both agreed on Put-in-Bay... can't beat a winery on an island with golf carts!

But after a great night that included a sampling of appetizers and drinks at several restaurants we both agreed it would be Cincy for us!  We loved it!  The architecture of the old houses was fantastic.  The river and hills make for interesting landscape.  And the variety of neighborhoods within the city makes for an experience no matter what your mood is.

Here's a few pics of our trips that took us out of Limaland.
Indians vs. Twins, Cleveland

Badgers vs. Buckeyes, Columbus

East Harbor State Park, Port Clinton

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