Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Water Water Everywhere.

The flood waters in and around Limaland have been extraordinary over the past couple days... to say the least.  For many that meant flooded basements and cars.  But for one family I met in Wapakoneta, it meant collapsed basement walls!

When I got into work Monday, I posted on our Facebook page a message that asked anyone with basement flooding issues that was willing to be interviewed to call me.  Michelle Bowen called, and it turned into one amazing story.  Check it out here.  The video is so interesting.

When I was standing in her basement I was so scared.  I thought the hosue might fall down on top of me at any moment!  Thankfully it didn't, but I did have quite a bit of mud stuck to the bottoms of my pink rubber boots by the time i left.

I called Michelle today again to see how things were going.  She said that because of the news story, she received 25% a pair of rubber boots at Lowes!  The guy behind her in line then heard her story and bought her some bottled water.  Love it!  I told her she really needs to apply for an HGTV show.

She also told us that there was some progress on the hosue and things were progressing.  Good luck to the Bowen family...

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