Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inauguration Day.

Yay, my first post! This blog for me serves a few purposes. One, to document the things I learn in my new job in the TV biz and my new life in Lima (like the bean), Ohio. Two, to help me keep in touch and share these stories with my friends and family back home in Minnesota and anyone else who wants to listen. :) Finally, I want to remember all this stuff that happens to me...I can't do that on my own!

So I started my new job at WLIO TV a few weeks ago and things are going great. Here's my website photo below... You can see more about the station at http://www.wlio.com/ and even watch rebroadcasts of the shows. I do the weather at 6pm and 11pm on the weekends and I report three days during the week. So far so good!

Yesterday I had my first live shot, reporting on a memorial service for a horrible and tragic fire bombing that happened ten years ago and killed a young woman and her four children. I was so nervous, especially because it was a hard topic to report on, a very sad story.
I am very excited to report more on a variety of stories and my favorite, of course, telling the weather story on the weekend!


  1. You are so dang cute! Lima is going to fall in love with you... If they haven't already!

  2. Anywhere we can still see your WLIO forecasts(I didn't see you then, being from MN)?